Experiment 262 Ace

262, Man of Kweltikwan!

Warning: Experiment 262 Activated!

Primary Function: Error. Experiment Classification Failure. 262 has No Known Evil Uses


You know how 626 was designed for-to-cause mayhem and misery across the galaxy with everything he touches? 262 does the opposite, almost like supering hero. Jumba knows what he says, Pleakley! *ahem* Irregardless, because I was such a good sport about the whole affair, I did not dismantle him, but make him a momentary mascot to mask my true evil intent. Though, I did have to hide him when my Evil Genius colleagues came over. Didn't want them thinking I went soft, don't you know? *chuckles*

One True PlaceEdit

Truth be told, he doesn't have a true place precisely; it is more like he travels across Kauai to perform good deeds wherever he can. In a news-reporter-style voice, no less!

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: Yellow

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: Joshua Seth (or Jeff Bennett depending on who you ask)

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