Experiment 258 Sample

"My future is comin' on (x4)

Warning: Experiment 258 Activated!

Primary Function: Sonic Annoyance. Drives People Mad by Sampling Sounds and Repeating Them in an Endless, Grating Rhythm


Behold, the mix-tape of the Experimental lineup! 258 was design-ed to annoy people with its parrot-like repeats of anything it hears, driving whole planets into madness!

Got idea from hearing of old disco music combine-ed with recently made techno-step made on Kweltikwan around the time of creation. Though, by sheer coincidence, Earth peoples made it too in the 21st century, calling it dubstep.

One True PlaceEdit

However, this also can translate well into the techno-scene, and he's even been seen touring with the Gorillaz on occasion as an emcee.

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: White

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: Carlos PenaVega (or Jeff Bennett depending on who you ask)

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