Jumba's Experiment File Wiki

Between this guy and the Gremlin, I think we were better off with the Gremlin!

Warning: Experiment 254 Activated!

Primary Function: Stink Bomb. Emits a Noxious Odor That Makes The Location Inhospitable


Aw, here is perhaps my cutest experiment of all; Number 254, design-ed to infiltrate enemy bases. At first, he may look like something harmless, but 42 hours after activation, he becomes a big stinkbomb strong enough to upset even the most resilient of stomachs! The only one that seems to be immune to it is Pleakley, and that's still a complete mystery to me!

Unlike most of my creations, 254 was not created by some far-off species, but rather, from my pet muskmouse and some leftover garbage from taco night the day before his first introduction. The resulting combination made an experiment that may be cute, but is in fact the smelliest thing to grace the galaxy!

One True Place

Thankfully for those involved, this little guy that can emit a stink like a gas station bathroom is nowhere near Earth. He was sent to Pleakley's home planet, where hopefully, he has found better home where he cannot be considered a health hazard! *chuckles* ...Do not give Jumba that look, you know how I feel about that stench! What do you mean rude, you are only saying that because you like scent of rotting I-do-not-wish-to-know-what!

Do not talk smack of Jumba's nose, you do not even have one, Pleakley!! Erm, I shall return, it appears I am in a bit of a bind with the one-eyed noodle!

Trivia Notes

Pod Color: Green

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: Frank Welker or Grey Griffin