Experiment 251 Link

"I'm cute-looking, and I stick like glue. What's not to love?"

Warning: Experiment 251 Activated!

Primary Function: Links Squabbling Pairs Together


Now, here is Experiment ideal for comedic plotline! 251 ties people who aren't cooperating with super-sticky glue that is nigh-indestructible on 50 different planets! The only thing that can dissolve it (on Earth, at least) is mud. He ties with this glue by using his two rabbit-like antennae, which are borne from the DNA of both an actual rabbit and a rare species of Glue Slug in the Gamma quadrant.

One True PlaceEdit

After nearly getting sent to Hamsterviel, 251 found new calling as bungee-jump enthusiast, and helps couples rebond by using his glue-shooting antennae.

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: Green

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: Michael Cera or Justin Roiland

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