Experiment 248 Belle

"Wait til they get an earful of ME!!!!!"

Warning: Experiment 248 Activated!

Primary Function: Terrifying Enemies with Piercing Screams


If you wish to know the sound of one Experiment shrieking, here is chance! Design-ed to terrify enemies with piercing screams, little girl thought she was one of the dreaded Night Marchers until further inspection.

Fortunately, it was easy to save her from Gantu...mostly because he gave her away to stop the screaming. Like I say, when Gantu is not with hack Hamsterviel, he is okay guy.

As for her design, she was modeled after the kangaroo rat of Earth; as well as the Blue Shrieker Monkeys from Kweltikwan's dense forests near its equator. Was made at insistence of ex-wife so as to 'Do something more productive than make more Experiments." Her words, not Jumba's.

One True PlaceEdit

Living alarm clock for occasionally lazy Bigger Girl in home.

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: Green

Gender: Female

Voice Actor: Tara Strong

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