Experiment 234 Shush

"Admit it, I eavesdrop, but you wanna hug me doing it!"

Warning: Experiment 234 Activated!

Primary Function: Eavesdropper


 Like spy thriller, 234's main function is to eavesdrop on enemy conversations, so as to plan around whatever plans are being plan-ed. Trust me, it makes sense in context.

The only way to make her stop is to pet her head, which she enjoys quite a bit. She was made from coati DNA, as well as similar codings that made 103's infamous ears. The difference being she now has a tail with a built-in speaker.

One True PlaceEdit

While not fit for usage in common suburbia, she did find a place along with Experiments 201 as part of a secret agent team. Still excited for premier of spy thriller film this year!

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: Green

Gender: Female

Voice Actor: Lara Jill Miller

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