Experiment 228 Melty

"They call me Heat Miser, whatever I touch...starts to melt in my clutch! I'm too much!"

Warning: Experiment 228 Activated!

Primary Function: Liquefaction of Enemy Fortresses, Weaponry, and Transportation


Ah, the infamous what-if time traveling incident Experiment! Oh, he doesn't melt time or cause time to stand still or anything. No, most of that's 089's department. No, this is Experiment 228; sole purpose is to shoot blue fireballs that can melt absolutely anything! Wood, steel, rock, plastic, even gemstones and diamonds!

He was inspired by a barbecue, in which my fellow evil genius Dr. Marinko Skovania invented a blowtorch that turned his steak into a puddle of goo! And he was created from using said blowtorch's schematics along with a rare fire ant dragon from Apollo 56. To start his evildoings, I pulled prank on ex-wife by melting her record collection. ...She got back by melting my favorite evil genius trophy from 2 years before.

One True PlaceEdit

Anyway, 228 is a rather blunt and impulsive Experiment, doesn't care who or what he melts so long as he can do exactly that. And anything that gets in his way, well, you can probably guess what happens after that. As such, it was surprisingly easy to figure out his one true place; working in an aluminum recycling plant, melting old aluminum cans and foil.

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: Green

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: Cedric Williams or Lane Toran

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