Experiment 227 Butter

"Livin' large and in charge!"

Warning: Experiment 227 Activated!

Primary Function: Living Battering Ram


This big lummox may be so, but be not fool-ed. 227's main purpose is to charge into things at such an alarming speed as to break down solid titanium!

His design was inspired by two prehistoric creatures; the Woolly Rhino and the Mammoth, and is as strong as the two combined! As for his name, it was supposed to be 'Batter' as he was meant to be like literal battering ram. But defect in program had 227 butt heads rather than actually ram into things. So, Butter it is! That, and the butter-like patch of fur on his back.

One True PlaceEdit

His talents for ramming into things proved to come in handy in breaking down reenforced doors for military operations; as such, he now works as part of an Experiments division of the U.S. government alongside those like 201 and 234.

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: Green

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: April Winchell

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