Experiment 225 Mashy

One of the rare instances where having a big mouth is a good thing!

Warning: Experiment 225 Activated!

Primary Function: Counterfeit Metal Creator


Created from the now-extinct Uburniumus Rex found on the distant planet Uburnius, 225 was designed to much down minerals harder than steel, and spit out a more refined version of it. The idea was to corner the Uburnium market by making counterfiet Uburnium,

However, he had a major design flaw; not that he ate hair, I learn-ed my mistake from last time! No, problem was that it would chomp up materials, but not spit them out. He would eat anything made of metal, but not grow bigger with each bite. This would give me the idea for 586, but that is whole other section.

Irregardless, while my counterfeit operation proved a flop, he did find a new job elsewhere...

One True PlaceEdit

Working for Hawaiian mining company to help find ores to make production costs lower for the islands. Reprogrammed him to find specific metals and spit them out for miners to use. Oh, and for those who are wondering why Jumba did not do this in the first place, it's the same reason I didn't bother refining my other Experiments. They were chaotic enough without me changing them more. The reprogramming is only to protect peoples from my evil creations, usually for those such as 276 who cannot properly adapt to society without this genetic change.

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: Yellow

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: Mandy Patinkin

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