Experiment 221 Sparky

"Couzzzzzziiiiiiiiiin...."-Sparky, Stitch! the Movie.

Warning: Experiment 221 Activated!

Primary Function: Electrical Power Surge


Aha! And so, we are beginning with a classic of the roster: Experiment 221. Is what you would call, 'A truly electrifying individual', yes?

Design-ed to create crippling power surges that can cause country-wide blackouts, 221 generates strong discharges by absorbing that static electricity around him. Now, Jumba can already hear you saying: 'Jumba, you quadracular query crusher, static electricity is mainly cause-ed by rubbing against something enough times to store a non-lethal spark! How does that be working?'

This is true, however, 221 has been designed through a species of rodent on Thorandia 5 called the Asgardian Volt Rat; can generate enough static electricity to make your pet poodle cling to the ceiling! *cackles* Anyway, with this in your mind, 221 can store enough static electricity to, if unable to black out a city, power it for over 2000 years! To keep this electric level, he charges up by moving like greasy lightning, and is able to absorb the power of electrical devices, such as circuit breakers, fuse boxes, and power lines especially.

But how does Experiment 221 cause power surges, I hear you asking me? Well, Jumba design-ed him to be able to transform into an electric current, allowing him to both feed off of and expel bursts of energy in any electrical device he chooses! Also makes for great light display during 4th of July, but I am digressing.

One True PlaceEdit

Despite this destructive power, however, 221 has been repurposed for a much more good task. Thanks to intervention from Little Girl and 626, 221 is now guardian of the Kilauea Lighthouse, being fed batteries on occasion for when he gets major cravings of the electric variety.

Ever since then, 221 has been staunch ally of 626 and Little Girl, helping them save world from asteroid, and captured experiments from fish-faced whale man Gantu.

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: Green

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: Billy West (or either Frank Welker or Steve Blum, depending on which series you look at)

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