Experiment 214 Pix

"Smile, and say 'Kafrasket'!-Jumba, Link.

Warning: Experiment 214 Activated!

Primary Function: Takes Bad Pictures


Now here is Experiment best left off the wedding reception; 214 is design-ed to take most unflattering of pictures, and can even modify a person's image in said picture when it comes to shapes. So, for to making example, if Pleakley got flashed by 214's bulb nose, it'd turn his head into a rectangle!

I made 214 from an old tripod and a Kweltikwan Flash Spider, which uses its flash of light to escape enemies. Oddly enough, 214 couldn't make an unflattering photograph of ex-wife, which says mountainous deals, no?

One True PlaceEdit

Anyingways, he, along with 17 other Experiments, were activated at old lady's house, and stays there as one of her 'cats'. Of course, to avoid blinding the poor woman, I modified 214 so as to not have a flashbulb feature, and can make better-looking photos for those he considers friends.

He'll also occasionally appear at birthday parties to take pictures of children (thankfully, they're caricatures as assured by Evil Genius Self).

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: Green

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: Jim Cummings

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