Experiment 210 Retro

Jurassic Dark a Animals

Warning: Experiment 210 Activated!

Primary Function: Reduces victims, enemy weapons, and technology to their primitive state


Like many Experiments of mine, 210's is very special. It's long enough to wrap around anything, and turns objects into past versions of themselves. So, for instance, it'd turn Evil Genius Self into cave-Kweltikwan.This is because his tongue is lacened with special chronotons that can reverse the speciesial and biological processes of aging back to more primeval state.

Fortunately, there is reversal should this arise; simply have primeval ones be wrapped around tongue, then spank 210's bottom three times and all shall return to normal.

One True PlaceEdit

Zookeeper for Prehistoric Park.

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: Blue

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: Kenan Thompson

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