Experiment 204 Nosox

Insert Neil Patrick Harris joke here.

Warning: Experiment 204 Activated!

Primary Function: Makes Socks Disappear


This portly beast was made from Kweltikwan DNA (of course), as well as ex-wife's old washing machine. Original intention was for to be having 204 devour clothes so that no one could find them again. But due to programming error, he did opposite, spitting up long-forgotten laundrey! Clean and pressed no-less! Would have kept around longer has not been finked on to Galactic Fedaration.

One True PlaceEdit

Despite original function being a failure, he was amazingly able for to be finding socks originally lost to the washing machine! So, he stays as laundromat's mascot to this day!

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: Green

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: Patrick Seitz or John DiMaggio

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