Experiment 203 Snipe

"Sniping is a great job. It's challenging work, outdoors... I guarantee you will never go hungry. At the and of the day, as long as there're two brothers left in the galaxy, someone will want somebody DOA, baby!"

Warning: Experiment 203 Activated!

Primary Function: Turns Almost Anything Into a Weapon


Ooh, here is great Experiment that was prototype for 614! 203 can turn almost anything into a weapon, making him a tough opponent to fight against. That includes with Gantu, it seems. He was originally activated by him to fight Stitch, but after a decisive battle, they saw each other as equals and turned on big dummy-head. Also, he has a thick Wesley Snipes impression, though not sure why.

One True PlaceEdit

203 spars for fun with 626 every now and again, but these days, he's busy teaching classes on how to make weapons viable against enemies without said weapons being conventional.

One True PlaceEdit

Pod Color: Green

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: Wesley Snipes

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