Jumba's Experiment File Wiki

We can't stop here, this is bat country!

Warning: Experiment 202 Activated!

Primary Function: Jamming Radar


Ah, one of my more tricky experiments; 202's sole purpose is to do two things: Fly around the world, and jam the signals of every radar dish on planet!

Created by using Kweltikwan Screech Bat DNA combined with the powers of a standard satellite jammer, 202 can disable the signals of virtually any satellite dish, radio tower, or radar device in its sight! One shriek can keep it down for up to 48 hours, and can only be undone more quickly by being hit by the screech again. Fortunately, it only attacks active devices, and steers clear of those that aren't.

One True Place

When first activated, 202 was first seen attacking a local airport's communication tower, then headed for the local major hotel complex of a Mr. Jameson. To the wonderment of both my evil genius self and Little Girl, 202 took a shine to spiky-haired teeny-bopper son of Jameson, and refused to attack any devices belonging to him.

Why this is has been dumbfounding even my evil genius mind, but the most likely answer is that the Kweltikwan Screech Bat has often been purchased as a pet on home planet, and thus are loyal to owners like Earth dog. They also are more intelligent than Earth bats, knowing exactly who or what they like and working with said thing if it provides them with energy needed to survive.

Coincidentally, spiky-haired boy also loves bats, so fear-ed radar jammer gets the best of both worlds. And best for Jameson, with 202 reprogrammed to enhance rather than disable radar signals, his hotels are now praise-ed for their expertly crafted WiFi. *sigh* Now, if only Jumba could get 202 to fix blasted Intergalactic Television Signal; only picks up Earth programmes, and is getting very irritating!

Trivia Notes

Pod Color: Red

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: Ingrid Nilson or Jessica DiCicco