Experiment 201 Geigenstein

"If you think termites are bad at eating books... You'd be right, but wait til you getta loada me!"

Warning: Experiment 201 Activated!

Primary Function: Data Cruncher.


Aha! One of my formerly personal assistants! Number 201 was design-ed to retrieve and delete data from any computer or computer-like device known to the galaxy! She was originally made to help around lab, and make sure Jumba did not forget certain genetic ingredients to create new experiments.

Unfortunately, like so many of my creations, she did her job too well, and she proved problematic when she started deleting my ideas of Experiments 627-629. Fortunately, I was able to save Numbers 627 and 628. ...What? Jumba has a lot of time on his hands!

One True PlaceEdit

Anyway, Little Girl discovered her not long after activation of the multiple Experiments in old lady's house, and hoped to use her services to help Bigger Girl with term paper. This prove-ed to backfire tremendously, at least until she ran into Experiment 120. After a chat, they came to the understanding that stealing info for Jumba and Little Girl would be much more beneficial than for Gantu and Hamsterviel.

So big-man Cobra called in same favors that drafted 234 into government, and now the three work together as the Genetic Experiments Unit of espionage. Word is they plan on making a movie about their exploits soon; I'm so excited!

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: White

Gender: Female

Voice Actor: Yeardley Smith

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