Experiment 199 Nosy

"I hear word the guy who made this is doing it outta tribute to David Odgen Stiers."

Warning: Experiment 199 Activated!

Primary Function: Digs up Dirt


Ah, 199, one of my favorites from the 100 series! Original purpose was to feed info from enemy armies to those involved with the Galactic Council. You see correctly, in an effort to pay off community service, they commissioned him for them.

Only problem was he did job too well, and gossipped to everyone he came across. So, he was force-ed to be shutting down.

It wasn't until he was rediscovered in-town that he was given to Gantu out of dislike for his ways. No arguments came from evil genius self, of course. Not to be worrying now, he fled his confines, and proved useful when freeing other capture-ed experiments like 033, 544 and 609.

One True PlaceEdit

As painful as it is to hear one's deep-seated secrets, Jumba deduces best place for gossipping 199 is to put him on Hawaiian talk show called The Truth Will Be Revealed with Nosy C. Stitch.

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: Red.

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: Bobcat Goldthwait

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