Experiment 177 Clip

For someone so destructive to one's hair, you gotta admit that you just wanna cuddle this yellow Mogwai!

Warning: Experiment 177 Activated!

Primary Function: Uburnium Eater. From A Language Wrong, Now Eats Hair and Becomes Bigger With Every Bite


Does Jumba seriously have to mention her again? ...*sigh* Only for you, Little Girl. I admit, I no longer hate this particular Experiment, but I still have a hard time speaking of her after what she did to me. But am getting ahead of self; meet Experiment 177, originally design-ed to eat Uburnium.

Uburnium, for those unaware, is the most practical and economic fuel source in the galaxy. I had created 177 to eat it, thus causing fuel prices to skyrocket and cause chaos! It is also worth noting that before and until then, I had a luxuriant hairdo. However, Uburnium in Kweltikwan is also the same word for 'hair'. I had not realized this Japanese kanji-style mistake until too late; I had accidentally created something that, at the time, was worse than any Uburnium creating monster: a hair eater!

She may look like a cute puff-ball, but she was designed to cut through Uburnium fuel lines and consume it from the inside out like an earth soda with her sharp claws! But with this overlooked detail, I had made something that instead slash through hair and turn someone balder than the Star Warring Mace Windu in just under 2 seconds! Oi, I have never forgiven myself for that fateful night...

One True PlaceEdit

But with that said, this wild hairball now does time by working as a hairstylist, both eating, and properly grooming. Now, I admit that now I have more-or-less forgiven 177 for destroying all but three of my beautiful hair follicles, but I still to this day miss my beautiful hair... Ah, well, at least she's doing good with her hair eating, more than I can say for ex-wife; she'd shave me bald if she could!

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: White

Gender: Female

Voice Actor: Taylor Meskimen or Grey Griffin

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