Experiment 158 Finder

"Come, Stitch-son, the game is afoot! Meep!"

Warning: Experiment 158 Activated!

Primary Function: Finds Lost Things


Arm-ed with an aardvark-like snout, 158 is design-ed to help find misplaced items. Originally, it was so as to help find capsule for one of more recent Experiments escaping, but prove-ed so useful, Jumba kept 158 around.

And before you are asking, yes, we did accidentally call 158 Experiment 458. That was flub on writer's part, not ours!

But 158 has more then mere large sniffer; he can use his ears like helicopter to help scout for any nearby items lost by others.

One True PlaceEdit

With such a powerful detective nose, it only making sense to put 158 in charge of Lost and Found.

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: Purple

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: Justin Roiland

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