Experiment 151 Babyfier

"Hewwo, human. I wuv pwaying wit childwen. Will you pwease pway with me?

Warning: Experiment 151 Activated!

Primary Function: Infant maker. Change the victim into their infant form


Ah, here is truly diabolical Experiment! 151 can sprinkle a pink powder from her rattle-like tail over the target, which causes her victims to regress both physically and mentally into babies. Then, with no grown-ups around to babysit, whole planet becomes bawling, squalling, unsupervised CHAOS! *cackles evilly* Much like family dinner table back on Kwelitkwan to be honest,

If not cured, said victims will have to grow up all over again.However, should Evil Genius self ever be affected (which I WAS), a mixture of two teaspoons of applesauce, one cup of milk, three mashed bananas, and a dollop of 100% Kona coffee will revert experiment 151's victims to their original age. Alternatively, a special type of flower unique to Izayoi Island can be used as a substitute for the Kona coffee, though you'd have better luck tracking down Bigfoot in Redwood Forest.

One True PlaceEdit

However, it is revealed through 625 that 151 does not want to hurt; she just wants adults to be young again so they can play with her. So, her one true place became the local pound, where old dogs become new, adoptable pups!

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: White

Gender: Female

Voice Actor: Tara Strong or Woody Smith (via archival recordings from Toy Story 3)

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