Experiment 148 Weasel

"Can't me your way outta this blog!"

Warning: Experiment 148 Activated!

Primary Function: Political Leader Speech Disruptor


Now here is oddly specific Experiment indeed; 148 was design-ed to crawl up important leader's pants leg and cause chaos in the process. Unfortunately, these days, she is failure in primary function. After all, Evil Orangutan does good job of being horrendously chaotic on his own. *cackles*

One True PlaceEdit

Political jokes aside, 148 found new life as a 'ferret' for Little Girl Friend Yuki. To be honest, Genius Experiments aside, I feel sorrow for Little Girl Friends, for they blindly follow Mean Little Girl.

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: Orange

Gender: Female

Voice Actor: Omar Benson Miller or Rob Paulsen

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