Experiment 134 Shredder

"And we ain't talkin' the Darth Cheese Grater either!"

Warning: Experiment 134 Activated!

Primary Function: Shredder. Shredding Important Documents


Now this was very important Experiment at the time, requested by Hamsterviel before we split ways. 134's purpose was to shred important documents and protect knowledge we had involving our genetic Experiments.

Would you believe he is half shredder, half Tasmanian Devil? Irregardless, he was activated along with many others at Old Lady's House, and lives there as one of her 'cats'.

One True PlaceEdit

In his spare time, he works with Big Person Cobra in order to shred unimportant paperwork.

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: Purple

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: Matthew McConaughey or Greg Cipes

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