Experiment 133 PJ

Whaddaya call a tribute without a card game? THIS BLOG! *laughs hard, then crickets* Eh, maybe you gotta be evil to get it.

Warning: Experiment 133 Activated!

Primary Function: Practical Joker


Short for Practical Joker, designs are fairly self-explanatory, However, what differentiates him from the pranks of, say, Mean Little Girl or 626 is that they're mostly harmless. 133's can escalate to insane levels unless put in his place!

One True PlaceEdit

Which, after his ultimate prank backfired, he did precisely this. As of now, he works with a team of Experiments, including 322, 020 and 390 in order to help raise funds for charity.

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: White

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: Matt Stone or Rob Paulsen

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