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'''Gender:''' Male
'''Gender:''' Male
'''Voice Actor:''' Frank Welker
'''Voice Actor:''' Debi Derryberry
[[Category:100 Series]]
[[Category:100 Series]]

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Experiment 128 Bugby

Real answer to the phrase, "What's buzzin', cousin?"

Warning: Experiment 128 Activated!

Primary Function: Turns Entire Civilizations into Harmless Insects


Behold, Number 128; design-ed to turn entire civilizations into harmless insects, making them easier to take over! To do this, I used an experimental bug-transmogrifying ray, as well as the DNA of a mosquito to create 128.

One True PlaceEdit

However, he was not evil per-sey, just misguided and ironically lonely due to lack of fellow bug-like Experiments. So, instead to turning peoples into bugs, he turns harmless rocks into bugs. Specifically, ladybugs to help fight aphids in crops across the islands.


Pod Color: Purple

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: Debi Derryberry

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