Experiment 123 Carmen

Hola, senior, ready to shake your fuente de dinero?

Warning: Experiment 123 Activated!

Primary Function: Force Victims to Dance Nonstop


Ah, now here is an Experiment that knows how to get down with, how you say, the Latin Samba! 123 was design-ed to make entire populations dance nonstop with her maracas, and only by clashing the two together can she be stop-ed! *cackle, then cough*

During her debut, Experiments 626, 300, 221, and 228 decided to do a dance-off to defeat her; and all but 626 lost. Now understanding that there can be too much dancing, she relinquished her control.

One True PlaceEdit

Now rehabilitated, 123 teaches peoples how to dance the Samba, Mambo, and other great musical classics!

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: Red

Gender: Female

Voice Actor: Carol Bach y Rita or Candi Milo

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