Experiment 120 Snafu

"Who says only humans can hack?" ;)

Warning: Experiment 120 Activated!

Primary Function: Discombobulate Enemy Plans


Oh dear, here is Experiment I was dreading moreso than many others... Experiment 120 is a master at foiling any and all complex plans. He is also highly elusive due to his plan-foiling skills, and can only be captured or defeated by accident. His tentacles are elastic, able to retract into small lumps on his head, and he often uses them for mobility or gripping objects. His eyes can serve as magnifying lenses, and he has an incredible ability to tamper with machines.

One True PlaceEdit

However, he is not without a heart, he's just michevious. As of now, he works in a special Experiments division of the military alongside Experiments 234 and 201.

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: Purple

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: Simon Helberg or Tom Kenny

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