Experiment 113 Shoe

Me darlin' Irish Cousin!

Warning: Experiment 113 Activated!

Primary Function: Negative Event Generator


Ever believe-ed in luck? Well, after this  Experiment, you most certainly will! 113 was design-ed to give bad luck to anyone he comes across. Created from DNA of old college tennis-mate-Yes, I did tennis at one point, do not be judging!

One True PlaceEdit

Irregardless, 113 does have a literal upside, though. If his horns are set upwards, then he shall give others good luck with it. Now set to permanent good luck-mode thanks to Little Girl's motivation, he now works at minigolf course to give peoples doughnut holes-in-ones. Jumba knows what he is saying, Little Girl!

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: Purple

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: Seth Green

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