Experiment 111 Mulch

"Prepare for a sodding good time!"

Warning: Experiment 111 Activated!

Primary Function: Push Mower


Now here is Experiment who is combination of swift lawnmower and lawn destruction! Besides adding own evil genius self to DNA, Jumba also combined it with malfunctioning push-mower ex-wife had in her garage.O-ho, she was steamed after that! *cackles* Sorry. Anyways, when he was released along with many others to be one of Old Lady's cats, he also found work as a lawnmower for town peoples.

One True PlaceEdit

Part-Time Cat, Part-Time Lawnmower for town peoples.To avoid turning the ground bare as Pleakley's back, Jumba modified blades so as to not cut too close to the ground.

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: Blue

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: Christopher Walken or Bob Bergen

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