Experiment 110 Squeak

"Remember folks, if it's not Galaxy Defense Industries, it's not the real thing!"- Squeak's fast-talking slogan.

Warning: Experiment 110 Activated!

Primary Function: Annoying With Nonstop Talking


A rather small annoyance, yet a great annoyance at this. Meet Experiment 110, design-ed to annoy entire planets with his inane, nonstop chatter. He could get Tiny-Machines Man a run for his money. Jumba knows what he said, Pleakley! *ahem* Regardingless, 110 was fairly easy to capture; the one problem was finding him a true place to call home without himcausing too much chaos.

One True PlaceEdit

Fortunately, his high, squeaky voice was right at home with a young girl named Penny, whom they could seem to never cease chattering to each other on and on. They were perfect for each other, and we didn't even try to bring them to do so!

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: Red

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: John Moschitta (or Rob Paulsen depending on who you ask)

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