Experiment 103 Stamen

"I'm sorry, what as that? Can't hear ya over this buzzing in my ears!"

Warning: Experiment 103 Activated!

Primary Function: Pollination Decoy


Now here is very first major attempt to cause environmental chaos on more global scale; 103 was design-ed to attract pollinators by using its ears, which not only look like flower stamens (hence Little Girl's name), but also smell like them as to be well!

Unfortunately, the idea had a fatal flaw; it only affected Earth bees, and no other species. This made catching 103 difficult since allergy to bees is well-documented in Little Girl family. Thus, Gantu caught him, and there he stay-ed, gathering dust.

But do not fear, he escape-ed along with the other Expeirments caught by Gantu, and has been a staunch ally ever since.

One True PlaceEdit

Because Old Lady with Experiments for Cats has hard time keeping flowers in prime health due to constantly working at fruit stand, 103 volunteers to protect and pollinate her garden and its many plants.

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: Purple

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: Carolyn Lawrence or Francesca Marie Smith

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