Experiment 102 Stopgo

"Red Light! 1-2-3-Green Light!"

Warning: Experiment 102 Activated!

Primary Function: Causes Traffic Jams


Now this Experiment not for its purpose (to disrupt traffic by giving wrong signals), but rather where he came from. Of course, I had a hand in the DNA department, but he was mainly made from a rare species of herbivore from the planet Spectroid. His species is completely blind, and communicate not through sound alone, but by sensing the light that bends and turns into certain colors. Some see in red and green (lucked out on that one, as they say), some see in yellow and orange, you are getting idea.

One True PlaceEdit

Needless to say, taming was simple; I reprogrammed him to be a traffic light when there are those out of order or without them altogether.

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: Green

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: Pete Browngardt or Jeff Bennett

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