Experiment 086 Clink

"I always knew that me true color was GREEN!"

Warning: Experiment 086 Activated!

Primary Function: Capture and Confine Targets


Now here is ultimate hunter in 0 series of Experiments! 086 was specially designed from the Duplication Crab from Cancer's 15th Nebula, which is able to split itself to capture prey!

Sole purpose is to capture enemy soldiers and confine them should be they good or evil. Made little difference to 086, until Gantu found him in the future. Is long story, don't ask.

Put simply, he was twisted into Hamsterviel's personal hunter of my genetic creations that were reformed, and was defeated at hands of Little Girl and 626.

One True PlaceEdit

Now, recaptured in present time with minimal effort (in part thanks to some volunteers such as 529 and 601), 086 works to capture both stray dogs and criminals to put into county jail.

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: White

Gender: Male

Voice Actor:  Danny Glover

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