Experiment 062 Frenchfry

"Bon appetite!"-Frenchfry's catchphrase.

Warning: Experiment 062 Activated!

Primary Function: Prepares Delectable and Irresistible Meals


Experiment 062, very handy experiment indeed! Great for midnight snacking, and saves you the trouble of cooking. Unfortunately he was a failure not long after arrival. 062 makes food delicious, but removes all nutrition, resulting in empty calories.

Worst still, his food has a unique effect that makes one never stop eating it, making one more rolly-polly than Dom DeLuise at a Golden Corral! *chuckles* Shouldn't laugh. Anyway, thankfully, said bloating wares off within 24 hours, but that is not the worst part. No, as compensation for all the food, 062 eats his hosts when they become fat enough!

One True PlaceEdit

But surprisingly, when 062 tried some of Bigger Girl's cooking, he gain-ed some perspective. Now, he promises to not eat peoples so long as he gets to eat Bigger Girl's cooking in exchange; on top of this, now he has food stand off corner of street downtown. Low fat fries at equally low prices, a regular Mac Donald Duck's without the potential diseases! *cackles* Sorry, couldn't resist.

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: White

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: Ian Holm (Or Rob Paulsen, depending on who you ask)

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