Experiment 054 Fudgy

"But I taste so good!"

Warning: Experiment 054 Activated!

Primary Function: Drown foes in sticky chocolate


Now here comes one of my less maligned Experiments, at least at first. 054 is made of melted choculum candysite, and was given sentience by using Evil Genius Self's DNA combine-ed with that of the Bottomless Pit Blob, found only in the Alpha Quadrant of the Omega System.

Normally harmless, 054 only becomes big problem when he himself eats big amounts of chocolate. Then, he becomes big, smothering fudge giant!

He was taken to Hamsterviel by complete accident, trying to abscond with Experiment 611, but somehow got 119. Not sure how he got 119 confused with 054, but I blame faulty database (hense this thing you call a wikia).

One True PlaceEdit

Regardingless, he was without a home for some time, until one day, when he met fellow 0 Series Experiment 008. Together, they make beautiful works of candy art as well as founded their own candy shop: The Carmine Truffle.

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: Blue

Gender: Male

Voice Actor:  Howie Mandel or Steven Blum

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