Experiment 051 Hocker

"Oi, ye think the French're the only ones who spit in your face? 'Tink a-gain, ye cuddie-drig-tatties!"

Warning: Experiment 051 Activated!

Primary Function: Acid Saliva Spitter


Yikes, here's a volatile piece of work! Meet 051, very irritable Experiment indeed!

A spitter of acidic mucus, said mucus is so acidic, it will melt through wood, cinder blocks, even steel!

I gained idea from the rare, acid-spitting Nasal Goblin, and combining it with the DNA of my own evil genius self! Oh, and a little green food coloring for flare.

One True PlaceEdit

Despite being mainly a 'cat' in old lady's house, he also works part-time with 228 and 586 at the aluminum recycling plant. The only downside is that 051 has rather rotten temper, and is prone to spitting at whoever or whatever annoys him.

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: Green

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: Alexander Polinsky or Scott Menville

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