Experiment 033 Hammerface

"I Wanna be....your Sledgehammerface!"

Warning: Experiment 033 Activated!

Primary Function: Nailing Objects to any Surface.


 Ah, one of my more benign experiments: Number 033. I gained the idea for such a creation while I was helping to build new shed with ex-wife. So, I gathered the DNA of a Hammerhead Troll from Kweltikwan's lowermost cave areas, as well as a bit of my own evil genius DNA, and created 033 to pound nails into virtually any surface! Oddly enough, like with rhinos on Earth, his head is made of not bone, but keratin. Said keratin is reinforced, however, so as to withstand hits as well as deal them.

However, do not take 033 lightly just because he's less malicious than the others; make him angry, and he can give one very potent concussion, as Jumba discovered when I told him off for hammering blender to countertop.

One True PlaceEdit

Unlike his other former Gantu lackeys of 544, 609 and 617, 033 was less evil and more naive. He followed his peers because, well, that was all 033 knew. But he quickly discovered he was playing for the wrong team after he was defeated, and now makes up for his deeds by helping with local charities. He has developed good friending-ships with 390, 513, 020 and a lumber-loving experiment 441 as a result, and they have even made  most unorthodox bowling team as well! Truly, 033 is surprisingly influential for originally unitasker. *chuckles, then notices Hammerface glaring at the front door* Oh, dear, he heard me. *konk!* OW! *konk!* OW! Jumba shall return in a few minutes while sorting out- *konk!* OW! This mess!

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: White

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: William Shatner or Jeff Bennett

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