Experiment 032 Fibber


Warning: Experiment 032 Activated!

Primary Function: Lie Detector


Oh, here's one of my personal favorite early works, Experiment 032! Design-ed to buzz like game show button if he hears a fib, he causes untold mayhem due to lies being a norm on virtually every planet in the galaxy! *cackles evilly*

I got this idea completely by accident, originally trying to create an experiment that would enforce lies rather than expose them. But one thing let to another, and I accidentally gave him truth instead of lie serum.

And this prove-ed to be major pain in patookie for Pleakley, when his family came to visit the not long after we found him. But not long after beeps ceased, Gantu caught him and imprisoned him for many months.

One True PlaceEdit

After rescue, he became the best portion of the Kokaua Town Police Department as ultimate lie detector! Apologies that there is not much to speak of regarding 032, he is one of those that I didn't archive much since I deactivated him not long after inception.

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: Green

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: Jeff Bennett

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