Experiment 025 Topper

Starfy of wonder, Starfy of night! Starfy of royal Christmas bright! Westward leading, still proceeding, I guide to my perfect light!

Warning: Experiment 025 Activated!

Primary Function: Keeper of Awakeness to People


Now here is Experiment perfect for galaxywide Christmas party! Originally design-ed to be a spotlight to keep many awake, and guide others in fog, 025 is now a star attraction of Christmas! Oh, and pun is intended, Lilo came up with that one.

One True PlaceEdit

When it is not time for snow and cheer, he helps guide ships to shore on foggy nights, when it is to dark to see the lighthouse 221 calls home.

Trivia NotesEdit

.Pod Color: White

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: Fred Armisen or Tom Kenny

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