Experiment 024 Hamlette

"To pork, or not to pork, THAT is the question!" (Writer's note: Alas poor pun-o-meter, I knew him well, Jookieba.

Warning: Experiment 024 Activated!

Primary Function: Turns Objects into Meat Products


Here is...okay, Jumba will level with you, this was one of my weakest early prototypes to date. All he does is turn things into meat (ham especially), and quoting Shaking-Spears. I know what I said Pleakely!

One True PlaceEdit

Irregardless, he found his home at the local butcher shop, where he caters various kinds of roasts for customers. Apparently he was activated at how of old lady, and is now one of her *clears throat* 'cats'.

Yes, even I cannot fully grasp why she thinks this, Jumba believes an update to her glasses' prescription is required, but as they say, not my devolved primate, not my carnival.

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: Purple

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: Katy Mixon or Grey Griffin

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