Experiment 020 Slick

"Step right up, folks! We're practically GIVING this page away!"

Warning: Experiment 020 Activated!

Primary Function: Salesman


Ah, one of my best early works! I always hated doing the business side of the genetic experiment industries, so when Hamsterviel wasn't around, I design-ed 020.

Programmed to sell anything to anyone, getting his design idea from someone called a 'Mr. Haney'. There was only one problem: Once he is starting with the selling, he doesn't start stopping! He sold ex-wife for 10 Galactic Credits; horrible, yet smart, as she was only worth 5! *laughs* Getting back to point, it was not until he had to be exchange-ed for choculum candysite (or candy bar as Little Girl calls them), did he realize his flaws.

One True PlaceEdit

Thusly, he works with local hula school Little Girl goes to, helping in fundraising alongside 322, 390, and a multitude of other genetic experiments. And I quote, 'Hey, when yer customers are yer friends, then everyone profits!'.

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: Red

Gender: Male

Voice Actor:  Charlie Adler (Or Jeff Bennett, depending on who you ask)

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