Experiment 010 Felix

"Dirty, dirty!" (Make of THAT quote what you will. ;)

Warning: Experiment 010 Activated!

Primary Function: Cleaner


Aha, my more benign experiments, Number 010. Very handy creation, and was second attempt to create personal helpers around house and lab to make sure things do not for to be going out of control. The first was Number 003, but we shall get to him later.

Made with the DNA of an anteater, and my OCD-ridden former housekeeper, 010 at first worked wonders around home! For once, ex-wife wasn't yelling evil genius ear off!

But there was one minor fault in his program; I set his cleanliness standards too high, which quickly caused more havoc than good.

As you can imagine, when he was reactivated was just as hairy of a mess! As such, we sent him to Gantu as a little joke gift, and we were able to reprogram him one last time after we rescued him.

One True PlaceEdit

Now, he works as a mobile recycling service, keeping the island trash free along with Experiment 505.

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: Green

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: Pete Capaldi (or either Tress MacNeille or Steve Blum or Tom Kenny, depending on who you talk to)

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