Experiment 009 Pop

"Badda-bing, badda BIG BANG!"

Warning: Experiment 009 Activated!

Primary Function: Confusion of Enemy Targets with Helium-Based Decoys


Now here is Experiment who knows how to make parties go out with big kablooey! 009 was design-ed by reverse-engineering the DNA of an Earth capuchin with an expansive tail courtest of the rare Decoy Scorponoids from the planet Gamma's furthest moon.

009 is normally fairly innocent, inflating his tail to create multiple balloons. However, he then promptly detonates them,confusing targets! Unfortunately, not fatal in the slightest (unless you count frizzy hair as deadly, which Pleakely might, actually).

One True PlaceEdit

Since he already loves flying around on his tail-balloon, he acts as a weather monitor, occasionally appearing at kids' birthday parties involving friends of Little Girl and 626.

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: Red

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: Jordan Peele or Jeff Bennett

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