Experiment 007 Gigi

"Nice one, cousin!"-Gigi during the Great Leroy War.

Warning: Experiment 007 Activated!

Primary Function: Annoying with Barking Forces


Oi gervinshka, and thus, we are coming to perhaps my earliest, and dullest Experiment by comparison to all others. 007 was one of my earliest works, in my defense, and will drive all crazy with her maddened yapping! Sadly, she was grab-ed by not-so good little girl with orange hair, but in the end, was also saving grace to make new one true place for.

One True PlaceEdit

She was conceived largely as peace offering for ex-wife; something that would be cute for her, yet annoying to those around her. To all's surprise, she can in fact talk...just not all the time. This was likely a development over time from listening to Little Girl, as I never taught her English. Thankfully, unlike Not-So-Good Little Girl, she rather likes being part of her fellow ohana of genetic experiments.

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: White

Gender: Female

Voice Actor(s): Frank Welker (vocal noises) Cristina Pucelli (speaking voice)

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