Experiment 002 Doubledip

Seinfeld, eat yer heart out!

Warning: Experiment 002 Activated!

Primary Function: Doubledipper


Ah, how nostalgic...we come upon Experiment 002, the cutest licking goof you'll ever for to be witnessing. Not much to say for his purpose; mostly, he merely double-dips food, making party treats uneatable.

But what's more interesting is where he came from, and what became of him! I used a Lickoala with a bit of indigo for coloration, and has an indispensable amount of saliva!

One True PlaceEdit

He, like his 17 other brethren, was reactivated in old lady's house, and mistaken for feline creatures. While we did not have the heart to take them all away, we did manage to convince their, erm, new owner, to let them come and go as they please.

In 002's case, he now works part-time as a taste-tester for new sweeties in candy factory as well as resting in old lady's house.

Trivia NotesEdit

Pod Color: Purple

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: Andy Richter or Jeff Bennett

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