Jumba's Experiment File Wiki

I'm the original, baby! The one, and only!

Warning: Experiment 001 Activated!

Primary Function: Shrinker


Ah, here is nice one. The grandfather of all experiments; the one that started the whole thing! Hard to be believing it was only yesterday I had design-ed this purple imp to change the size of anything and anyone he came across!

He prove-ed problematic when he was reactivated, but fellow shrinker of things Number 128 was to be convincing him to back off from Little Girl and 626.

One True Place

Now he works at local science university, teaching little children what is like to be at bug's eye view! On the side, he shrinks furniture to make it more realistic for dollhouses.

One True Place

Pod Color: Red

Gender: Male

Voice Actor: Jonah Hill or Jason Marsden